Valley of the Machines

I wrote this one-shot D&D adventure to share with my co-workers on a recent work meetup; it was the first in several years! I now share it with you all. It takes about 3 hours from start to finish and requires very little experience on the part of the players.

For the DM, the adventure is only two pages long and includes lots of text you can read directly to the table. However, unlike previous one-shots I’ve made, in this one I’ve omitted specific skill names and DCs from the scenes because I’ve found that this is often too limiting. Instead, I merely explain the problems that the party is likely to encounter and leave the specific solutions to the group. Make up the DCs on the fly as seems appropriate! This will probably require a little more familiarity with the rules than some of my other one-shots.

Valley of the Machines loosely inspired by Horizon: Zero Dawn, but shifted to a more traditional D&D setting. Enjoy!

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