Using React stateless components for quick prototyping

When you’re building a new app using React it’s nice to start laying out all the components you’ll want to use inside the components that you’re building. Unfortunately this can be a little slow because for each new component you have to:

  1. Create a new file
  2. Import that file
  3. Include React in the file
  4. Export a Component from the file
  5. Add a simple render method to the Component

Step 5 is really the core of what you want to do here, and I realized today that I can quickly skip the other four steps by just using React Stateless Components, which are just functions. When using ES2015 fat-arrow syntax, they can be one-liners!

Using these you can mock up your Component layout very quickly, then move them over to your new Component files one at a time as you are ready. And you may even have some of your render methods there for you!

Author: Payton Swick

Vegan. Digital craftsman. Tea explorer. Avid learner of things. Writes code @automattic.

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